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M - essy

E - xplore

I - nteration

T - alent

H - appy

I - ntellegent 

N - urture

R - eading

F - riends

Messy play is a large part of children's learning, it gets the senses following and encourages fantastic language development, messy play revolves around the topic of learning which in this case was the weather  

A - ctivities

The children regularly visit the local amenities, here they can be seen visiting the local library. the children enjoy story time sessions out and about. 

Our topic of learning here was 'People who help us' the children enjoyed a visit to the local police station to meet 

S - eren

E - nergetic

Meithrinfa Seren is part of the Healthy and Sustainable Pre-school Scheme which aims to promote the health and wellbeing of children, staff and families by making health improvement changes in the nursery which become part of the daily life of the setting.  Work is done under seven health aspects:  Nutrition and Oral Health, Physical Activity and Active Play, Mental and Emotional health, wellbeing and Relationships, Environment, Safety, Hygiene, Workplace Health and Wellbeing.

R - ewarding

E - ducational

N - umbers


Croeso i

 Feithrinfa Seren